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How to Install and Use Tips!

 1. We stronly recommend to follow  ReadMe1st and Installation Manual for  Fast,Simple and Easy  Setup of our  Best Revolutionary Media Products!

2.Our  Simplified with Pictures Installation Manual will guide  in step by step easy to follow even for  beginner Computer user installation routine.

3.Our Media Products have Automatic run Setup Program. All You left to DO  is to confirm each and every step of  Automatic Setup.  Music Part of our Amazing Product will Start  automatic after  some  Advertisements from our  Sponsors and Partners.

4.Final Setup of Visual Effects will require to use Installation Manual by tip #2 for 3-5 minutes.

5.We work to eliminate in FUTURE any use of Installation Manual  and any human involvement in Setup for latest Luxury Versions of  our Media Products.It will also restrict access to add Do it Yourself  Visual Effects as described in right column of this page!

Windows Media Player 11

 Windows Media Player 10

 Windows Media Player 9 Series

 Windows Media Player for Mac                            Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X                   Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

Visualizations for Windows Media Player


Holiday Party Fun Store provides Free support  for all current users of our Amazing Products!

Please contact us at
about any issues with our Amazing Media Products.

Here we answer on all FAQ You might have:

1.How much "Space" on Computer hard Drive will be used?  

Answer:For Current Products it is about 10MB from your existing 80GB. By our Estimates any future Luxury editions would be under 100MB!

2.Is it Safe for my computer to use Any of Your Media Products?  

Answer:  Our  Media Products are 100% Risk Free and Safe to use. Products by themself  are NOT the software Programs.They are Digital Media libraries of files under  Simple Application Setup.exe. According to this Setup our products will have competely Separate Location in Your Computer Files-No Files Sharing/installations in other parts of  Programs or System. And most important we use sold in millions copies and pre -installed on Your Computers by manufactures (safe added and guaranteed safety of this programs as manufactured) Musicmatch Jukebox  and Microsoft Windows Media Player to run(present our  our products. Our Product Setups does not  include any  Spyware or Adware -guaranteed! 

3. Why is it mandatory to download Musicmatch  Software to run Your Products?

Answer:Yes you could call our products Presentations by using third party software. Current Media Products are designed to use  any monufacturer  Jukebox  Audio and MP3 software (Musicmatch,Dell,Microsoft,Real Network). By unknown reasons  all New Computers are manufactured without Separate Jukebox Software. Microsoft decided to increase Monopoly on use of computer Rich Multimedia Applications and limited installed Jukebox configuration for limited Internet  Use Only and don't have Complete Application Setup!! 

4.Could we use Microsoft Windows Media Player to "run" your media products without download of Jukebox  Software?

Answer:  No! You could not "run" our Current media products on Microsoft Windows Media Player because of  Microsoft Restrictions. But in the FUTURE You  will be able to "Run" them on Windows Media Player -guaranteed! We work now on design for Luxury editions of Products to use with  Windows Media Players.

Yes You could  manualy Run Music Part of Media Products without  Visual Effects!

Musicmatch Jukebox

The Musicmatch Guide

Musicmatch Jukebox - World's best music player

Apple - iTunes - iTunes Jukebox 

 Introducing Dell's New Digital Jukebox Music Players

RealTone JukeBox_ - Real Music Ringtones For Your Mobile!

How to Add Your Own Pictures(Photos,graphics)  Tips!

Many of our  regular users ask - "...We have some pictures like "birthday girl/boy" photos, family photos, own graphics,own greeting cards,Holiday wishes...! Could we in some way personalize Your Fantastic Products with our own Visual effects without re-ordering same product  f or each Birthday, Christmas, New Year??.."

Yes You Could Do it!

Our Current Individual use Media products like             Birthday Party Fun (BirthdayFunDJ1.exe), Christmas Party Fun (ChristmasFunDJ1.exe), New Year Party Fun (NewYearFunDJ1.exe) have New Revolutionary Setup, that  stores music and Visual effects separately. It is Fast,Simple and Easy for Experienced Computer User to add his own photos and graphics to our program Folder where our images located.This is it. You will see Photos of Yourself, other  photos,graphics together with our visual effects.    No programming or new setup needed!

You  hold all Liability and responsibility for including adult content,porno, vulgar language...

Holiday Party Fun Store and Manufacturer Stream Information Brokers  will hold Users Responsible for all Claims of breaking  laws and unappropriate use!

RealOne Player download

 Apple - QuickTime - Download

Adobe Shockwave Download Center

 Adobe Flash Player Download Center    Adobe® Flash® Player 9 

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