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Want Start Your Own Business?  We offer here Perfect  Home Based Business Opportunity!!

You could make X-large Profits as Autorized Reseller from Holiday Fun DJ Online Store!

We are the only Autorized Wholesaler and Distributor featured software products!  We guarantee - your future customers will not find those titles in Walmart, BestBuy, CompUSA, Target, Sears, Barnes & Noble, B Dalton, Borders book stores and on!

While Buying from us for discount wholesale Prices as Autorized Reseller, you could charge Any Price you want from customer of your own Business! It is much more Profitable  to collect Difference between  your retail Price and our wholesale price(usualy $5-$10 each Software copy) than collect affiliate fees(up to10%;$1-$2 each software copy) for referencing customers to us!!

All you need -find people, who was interested in those Holiday Fun Quick Celebration Starter Software Titles and want to buy from you!

Windows Media Player 11  Windows Media Player 10

 Windows Media Player 9 Series

 Windows Media Player for Mac                            Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X                   Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

Visualizations for Windows Media Player


You are required by Law to Make full Disclosure to your customers- You don’t have product on hands/You are collecting ORDERS/software products will be delivered from Distributor via E-mail( customer needs e-mail address with ability to receive x-large attachments-“ spam filters stop delivery/lost attachment” complaints will be accepted)!

1.Write down list with their e-mail addresses(for Software delivery)!

2.Then order by e-mail reseller rights package for #(number) of customers you have,

titles and quantities they are willing to buy from You(here you’ll give us your business/dba registration info(business name,state,country,owner name!

3.We will tell you estimated/final price on Reseller Rights(for this one order only) and wholesale order price on all ordered Software copies.

4.You have to pay Total(Reseller Rights and wholesale order price)in US dollars 24/7 Online with your personal/business checking account or VISA,Mastercard,Discovery,American Express credit cards  through PAYPAL 100% secure electronic payments gateway!

5.You will receive notification in mail-

Your payments are cleared-start sell/collect money for Software copies from your customers

(We deny any liability for fraugulent sales,e-mail addresses....)

You have problems with your payments -You are denied Reseller status/stop advertise/marketing/sell our Software Products-Refund your customers ALL collected Money; ALL disputes wil be between You and them Only!!!

6. Your customers will receive their orders in 24/48/72hours or after your notification to us-“All Money had been collected from my customersStart to distribute!”

Holiday Fun DJ Online Store would like to remind You - All customers are Your Business and Your Problems ! For more  info see “Disclaimers” in our policies!

Musicmatch Jukebox

The Musicmatch Guide

Musicmatch Jukebox - World's best music player

Apple - iTunes - iTunes Jukebox 

 Introducing Dell's New Digital Jukebox Music Players

RealTone JukeBox_ - Real Music Ringtones For Your Mobile!

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Sample Reseller Rights package

50 software copies with suggested retail $10 each, total $500

 Buy Reseller Rights for 50 software copies- $100

Buy Wholesale our Software- $270

Profit $ you sell

50 software copies with suggested retail $20 each, total $1000

 Buy Reseller Rights for 50 software copies- $150

Buy Wholesale our Software for $600

Profit $ you sell

Never had Your Own business? Look too risky for You?

Want have No responsobilities to other people/customers?

Join Our Affiliate Program and make stable % commissions on  every final sale to customers,You’ll reference(traffic) to us!!


RealOne Player download

 Apple - QuickTime - Download

Adobe Shockwave Download Center

 Adobe Flash Player Download Center    Adobe® Flash® Player 9 

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