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      Holiday Party Fun Store  is in business to make You  Happy and Feel Great about Yourself  on Birthdays, Holidays!

We offer One of Kind Interactive Holiday Party Fun , Holiday Cheers, Holiday Greetings, Quick ans Easy  Celebrations Starters Media Products!

Just Imagine Your(his/her) Birthday Date! Birthday person still sleeping in bed(“or in office behind his computer desk”-joke)!
 Someone(family member/roommate) clicks on Computer and “Happy Birthday to You” song by some group of people...from inside Laptop/PC will remind of Holiday and show  that You remember and care!! Everyone would want such attention on Birthday Date “morning”.
Great as gift from anyone to show that You remember and care!!
 Do Nothing , Relax, Have Fun, Enjoy Holidays while Holiday Party Fun Store Media Products will Host Themself (Your Holiday Mini Parties) from start to finish( they run automatic)!
Holiday Party Fun Store will make everybody HAPPY -thats MATTERS!!

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Stream Information Brokers

 News Brief
Stream Information  Brokers  announced  Release New Luxury Edition of  Birthday Party Fun Media Product. This Non Customized Product  installs and  "runs" completely automatic.
Previous versions are also sold under Birthday Fun DJ  Label. You could access  and replace,add your photos  to Visual Effects.Those products require Minimal initial Manual Adjustments after  Automatic Setup.

Company Info

Stream Information Brokers company is in business to provide small and middle size businesses also individuals with affordable #1  Best Marketing ,Advertising and Management problem solving complete solutions and stand alone campaigns. We are the Major Providers of Always Best Money Making Info!

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Website streaminfobrokers
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Stream Information Brokers
P.O.Box 667352
Houston,Tx 77266-7352

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