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Elite Club Members  Bulletin  Board

 every club member  could communicate with other members HERE!      10/11/07
1Best Price Electronics thanks all members of  club for sponsorship and long term advertising  on website. 1bestpriceelectronic 10/01/07
Annual Club Members meeting  coming  up in November! Check emails for New Events calendar and agenda! Club Mgmt 


AdMediaXpress thanks members of  Elite Club for invitation  and wecomes everybody to visit our website. AdMediaXpress

09/30/07                                   1Best Car Buyer Club invites You to visit our online store and thanks  for your votes  to approve as member of  this Amazing Elite Club.1bestcarbuyerclub





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Hello!  How are You doing?Welcome! Are You the member?  Not member of Elite Club yet??Not Problems- Register new members at “Join us” Page!  Want more info -just visit “Join us” Page!

                    Our Code Of  Conduct.

All Elite Club members are supporting themself and this website with it products/services through networking, advertising, sponsoring events, programs and future products/services long term R & D!                                                              Similar interests of getting Success, Fame, Fortune with continious  Holiday Fun, Entertainment and Enjoyment long term Life of Dreams!

Simple, easy to follow Club Rules allow almost no management.

Any member of Elite Club could suggest New Product, Service, Event,Program.

Any number of members could participate in any number of Products, Services, Events,Programs.

 All members of club should help each other to advertise, promote, market, sell any number of Products, Services, Events,Programs

at their discretion without written commitments!!

All members of club are responsible for budget and non-stop functioning by regular membership fees.

Any disruptive behaviour and luck of responsibilities, non-payment memberships or website products, services discounted sale prices would result in

following 24 hours termination membership, without any refunds.

Elite Club management has full authority to permanently delete  all records,access code, promotional materials and  names of those ex Club members!

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New Club Members

 AdMediaXpress, 1bestcarbuyer club,

 Upcoming Events

10/15/07   3rd Quarter  Club Board of Directors meeting                                                         10/30/07  Annual Halloween Party  for club members and their guests.

11/15/07 Members Only  2008  New Holiday Party Fun Digital Products Exibition

11/22/07  Annual Thanksgiving Party for  club members and their guests.

12/15/07 Christmas and New Year  Party  for club members and their guests

Club Management

 Annual Report  scheduled on January 21,2008.

New Member Approval by  Club Board of Directors on 11/11/07.

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